Sunday, October 23, 2005

Outspoken Inkstand

This conforming in a sense write out is just like a week in the middle of my whole wild rye.
Come slashingly and eclipse it just little bit more restored.

That is my disclaimer.

There are no more tequilas just a electronic mesalliance.
Falconry has a protected dipper which makes me gusseted.

Sublimate now.

[This is the poem I wrote and put on the MadLib Brainstormer:
This <adjective> <adverb> <verb> is just like <article+noun> in the middle of my <adjective> <noun>. Come <verb-ing>ly and <verb> it just little bit more <adjective>. That is my <noun>. There are no more <noun>s just a <adjective> <noun>. <noun> has <article+adjective> <noun> which makes me <adjective>. <verb> now.]

Friday, October 14, 2005

personality traits

Pikaa, piika, Pi-kaa-piikachu, pi-kaaa-chu, kaa kaaa pii-piikaa, pikaa kaa pika-chu, pika-pi Pika-chu, Pipi, chuu-piika Chu pi-i pika-chu pika-pika, Pika-pi pika-pika-pi, Pika-pika, Pi-pika-pika, pi-kaaa-chu, Pi-i pi Pi-kaa-pika-pika-pi, Pika pikapi, pikachu, kachu, piii pika-chu, pi-ka-chu-ka, kachu-pipi, chuu-pikachu-ka, pi-kaaa-chu, pi-i-chuuuu-pi, Pi-kaaa-chu, pika-pi piikaa, Pikapi pikachu piikaa, pi-pika-chu

[I translated my tested personality trait snapshot by Pikachizer]